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  • Ensemble de jonc empilables estampés à la main en argent mexicain Alpaca.
  • est livré avec des instructions d'entretien complètes.
  • léger et confortable à porter, entretien facile



  • Alpaca Silver est un alliage métallique de cuivre, de nickel et parfois de zinc ou de fer. Le métal est d'une couleur argentée brillante qui ressemble à l'acier inoxydable. Les personnes souffrant d'allergies extrêmes au nickel devraient éviter de porter des bijoux en argent d'alpaga juste pour être du bon côté, mais dans l'ensemble, l'Alpaca Silver est généralement assez inoffensif.
  • expédié sous 1 à 3 jours ouvrables




Ensemble de joncs carrés en argent alpaga empilés à la main.


     The Alpaca Silver square bangles are hand stamped  with various symbols

    Perfect for everyday wear or to compliment an evening outfit.  These bangles can be worn individually or as a stacking set. they will attract attention and draw compliments! 


    Bangle diameter is 2 1/2" or 65mm on the side to side,  3 1/4" or 80mm corner to corner  it is approx : 1/8" or 3mm wide

    Alpaca Silver Jewellery is handmade by talented Peruvian and Mexican fair trade artisans. The alpaca bracelets, cuffs and earrings can incorporate real semi-precious gemstones, handmade glass, and abalone and are hand stamped. The materials for each design is listed in the product's description.

    Alpaca Silver does not need to be coated to protect its shine and it does not rust. The beautiful silver luster of Alpaca Silver usually maintains itself. It can oxidize slightly over time or due to harsh treatment or environment, though not nearly as quickly or as easily as sterling silver does. Many people like the delicate patina alpaca silver can achieve over time, but if you prefer the silver shine it is very easy to clean and polish.

    Alpaca Silver is a metal alloy of copper, nickel and sometimes zinc or iron. The metal is a shiny silver color that looks similar to stainless steel. It does not contain any Alpaca (the animal). That question believe it or not, comes up often.

    Alpaca silver is also common in and has been historically used through out most parts of the world and may go by other names such as German Silver or Nickel Silver.

    People with extreme Nickel allergies should avoid wearing Alpaca Silver Jewellery just to be on the safe side, but as a whole Alpaca Silver is usually quite innocuous. Aside from those with metal allergies Alpaca Silver is a wonderful material for jewellery.

    The Alpaca material itself is considerably less expensive than sterling silver, but gives the beautiful silver appearance.

    Because of its visual similarity to sterling silver, Alpaca silver is frequently used in jewellery as a less expensive alternative to true silver. Its stainless finish makes the jewellery easy to clean, requiring only lemon juice or a mild soap to remove any marks or tarnishing.



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