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* Aura Lemurian Seed Crystal Pendulum supplied with 18" stainless steel chain also available in brass and antique brass.
* Comes gift bagged and has full care instructions included.


*  Aura Lemurian Seed Crystal Pendulum
* 18" stainless steel chain and lobster claw clasp
* Light weight and comfortable to wear


*Ships in 1-3 business days



Aura Lemurian Seed Crystal Pendulum

SKU: 0356
colours available

    The Pendulum is a great gift for any witch, pagan, concious being. The pendulum can be used for metaphysical work, spiritual protection, chakra balancing, divine scrying, pagan blessings, energy work, reiki healing, meditation, manifestation, concentration, energy charged protection, psychic deelopment, psychic healing, and aura cleansing.

    The Aura lemurian seed crystal Pendulum measures 12 mm or 7/16" wide approx and 40 mm or 1 and 1/2" approx in length from top of the bail to the lowest point. The pendant comes supplied with a 18" stainless steel Chain and lobster claw clasp. Each pendant is individual and may differ slightly from the image.

    Lemurian Seed Crystal, Healing and Health

    The Lemurian Seed Crystal is a powerful healing crystal that contains the inspiring light of your universal life force.

    Working with this crystal or holding it in your hands will allow its light to travel through your body, clear the blockages, and correct the imbalances.

    Lemurian Seed Crystal is a master crystal that can give multi-level healing in your body, heart, mind, and spirit.

    It has a powerful, soothing, and gentle energy that can heal ailments and disorders, especially when you combine it with Sodalite.

    Its healing energies are particularly beneficial in the treatment of spinal disorders and circulatory problems. It can also help remove the toxins in the body.

    Lemurian Seed Crystal can strengthen the structure of the veins. It can also remove abnormal growths in the body.

    This crystal is also helpful in balancing polarities and in reducing the discomforts associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.

    It can help you recover from a stroke, and it can assist with cellular memory healing.

    Lemurian Seed Crystal and Wealth

    Lemurian Seed Crystal is often used as a personal talisman to guide you on your journey, especially when it comes to money and wealth.

    It’s an excellent companion crystal because it will give you what you need when you need it. It will give you physical, emotional, and mental support as you accomplish your financial goals.

    It will give you comfort and solace, as well as enthusiasm, excitement, and love. This crystal will help you deal with the disappointments and the natural high of your successes.

    This crystal will remove blockages in your path, and it will give you the strength to carry on just when you’re ready to give up!

    Lemurian crystal reinforces your sense of self-belief, which is vital when pursuing a challenging career path, or going into business for yourself.

    Pushing through in uncertain moments is the secret to success, as is making sure to look at events from another perspective.

    Opening your eyes to the ideas that others can’t see is a big part of how to succeed, as is making sure you stick to your guns when everyone else is shooting down your ideas!

    Lemurian Seed Crystal, Love and Relationships

    Lemuria Seed Crystal will remind you of your connection to love and how much love you have in your heart.

    If you have a major life or love decision to make, this crystal will remove the confusion and shed light on the best path to take.

    This crystal will open up the heart chakra, making emotional healing and expression possible. It’s the perfect crystal to have if you want to cut emotional ties that are no longer working for you.

    The energies of this crystal will also cauterize your emotional wounds that are causing energy leaks.

    It will also give you emotional balance after experiencing emotional trauma from harsh environments. It will help you attune to the energies of compassionate and unconditional love.

    It will also remove the emotional stress in your heart so that you will achieve a purer and happier vibrational state.

    Lemurian Seed Crystal will encourage emotional independence and help you remove emotional ties that are doing more harm than good.

    Lemurian quartz is all about strengthening your own identity and your sense of self-respect.

    If you have recently come out of an emotionally abusive relationship, or are stuck in a relationship where there is far more bad blood than hope for the future, it can give you the strength to sever ties if you need to.

    However, this stone will also give you the courage and tenacity to heal a relationship worth saving – and by and by, through meditation and contemplation, it will also help you to distinguish which relationships are worth saving, and which you need to break off for everyone’s good.



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