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* Coffee Bean Jasper stone with silver leaf, stainless steel choker with screw closure,

* Comes gift bagged and has full care instructions included.



* Stone pendant with silver leaf pendant and wire choker with a screw clasp

* light weight and comfortable to wear.

* Stainless steel is hypoallergenic, water-safe and rust/tarnish resistant.



*Ships in 1-3 business days

Coffee Bean Jasper with silver leaf Choker

SKU: 0125

    Gorgeous pendant, handcrafted with a Coffee Bean Jasper stone and silver leaf focal and green stainless steel choker.  The pendant comes complete with an 17.5" or 45 mm stainless choker with screw clasp , the pendant is 35mm wide and has a 70 mm drop. The stainless steel wire choker is colour matched to pendant. The pendant weighs 28 grammes.

    Coffee bean jasper has been accredited to maintain the overall health of the wearer. It clears the toxins from the organs, purifies the blood, and helps in the assimilation of nutrients in the body. It regenerates the damaged tissues and also eases you out from pain or irritation caused due to a headache or degenerative disorders. It is beneficial for insulin production. It cures the issues of eyes, ears, and throat and strengthens the immune system. It regulates the blood pressure, avoids fainting, and maintain light-headedness. It is particularly suitable for the stomach and bowels and is also thought to balance the mineral content in the physical body. It protects the skin from environmental allergies, improves nighttime’s vision and helps in overcoming deep exhaustion. Coffee bean jasper also aids blood circulation and thereby keeps all the organs fit and perfect.



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