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*Stainless steel memory wire beaded bracelet with a Bee Charm.

* comes gift bagged and has full care instructions included.



* beaded bracelet with stainless steel charm.




*Ships in 1-3 business days.


Shades of Spring expanding Bracelet

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    The Shades of Spring expanding bracelet features various shapes and sizes of beads in shades of light green oval cats eyes through to darker green oval Chalcedony intersperced with spacer beads and a bee charm on one side of the stainless steel memory wire core it is ideal for those on summer adventures. The memory wire expands to go over the widest part of the wrist then keeps its shape when taken off.

    The bracelet is 7.5" in legth approx or 19.2 Cm it is 10mm or 3/8" at its widest. The bracelet expands to 9.5" or 24.1 Cm at its largest.


    Chalcedony Meanings

    All types of chalcedony have similar calming and nurturing benefits, but the green one stands out. It will benefit you from all directions – it will target your love life, as well as your career and health. Here is what you need to know.

    The crystal is known to give you courage in difficult situations. It has the power to strengthen your soul and guide you accordingly. In fact, you will find out that lots of powerful people – such as celebrities – rely on green chalcedony to overcome difficulties.

    The crystal brings in uniqueness and talent. It gives you the power to express yourself.

    On the inside, green chalcedony will teach you what calmness truly means. From this point of view, it can be referred to as a healing gemstone. You want to seek inspiration, and find ideas and solutions to everyday problems in a calm manner.

    Green chalcedony can help you achieve all these and gives you the power to see things and evaluate them in an objective manner. Enhancing your sight has never been easier – great when you want to reveal valuable information too.

    Your heart will also benefit from chalcedony – not in a medical way though. Evil thoughts and ideas will naturally take their toll on your heart. For thousands of years, green has been a symbol of the soul, life, and heart.

    Nothing has changed overtime. Evil energies will stay away from you, while your mind will never feel cloudy again. With these thoughts in mind, some people use green chalcedony as an amulet for its powers.

    Given the way it is made, green chalcedony can also be considered a variety of quartz. After all, it has quartz in its composition. Sure, the crystal structure differs a little, but overall, the basic components are almost identical.

    Now, quartz is often used for purifying purposes. It is a powerful talisman that can even cleanse other stones. It brings in pure energies that can easily overcome the negative ones, keeping your heart calm and your mind clear.

    Talking about your mind, everything clears out if you keep green chalcedony around you. The unique nuance of green represents trees and life. You will learn to grow like a tree – whether you think about your skills or just personally.

    In terms of love and relationships, green chalcedony will help you build truthful relationships – not just romantically. It will give you peace, as well as lots of self confidence. You will advance in your current relationships and also learn how to distinguish feelings – rather than feel confused.

    The crystal has great benefits for your career and professional life too. You will discover talent and naturally cling to it and improve it. You will have fresh ideas and find out what innovation truly means, not to mention see the true value of things.

    Green chalcedony will help you set goals, advance towards them, and push your career further.

    Metaphysical properties go further than that. Green chalcedony – as well as other types of chalcedonies – are most commonly associated with the upper chakras of your body. They are related to your capabilities to think and communicate accordingly.

    As a direct consequence, you will be directly connected to your emotions. You will have full control over them, and you will feel perfectly safe expressing opinions and understanding thoughts. Clarity of mind is critical when you feel overwhelmed by too many details. Pressure is out of the way too.

    Green chalcedony boosts creativity and opens up your mind to new ideas and solutions. You become more receptive to finding solutions to current problems. Besides, you will discover new ways of thinking in the long run.

    You will be inspired to use your creativity, start new projects and assimilate new ideas straight away. Your memory will skyrocket, and your speaking skills will be drastically improved. With these thoughts in mind, you are likely to ease your life and become an inspirational leader.



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