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* Bright Aluminium JPL3 chainmaille necklace.

* Comes gift bagged and has full care instructions included



* Jens Pind Linkage 3 chainmaille Necklace  hand coiled and crafted one ring at a time with Bright Aluminium jump rings

* stainless steel lobster claw clasp.

* light weight and comfortable to wear. 

* Jewellers brass will naturally patinate (darken) with age to a lovely chocolaty colour.  If you want to keep the brightness of first bought this will need regular cleaning and kept in an air tight container. Full cleaning and care instructions will be included with purchase.



*Ships within 7-14 business days

Jens Pind Linkage 3 Necklace Bright Aluminium

Preisab 20,99£

    This Jens Pind Linkage 3  chainmaille necklace in Bright Aluminium is a great gift for men and women alike it can be worn as a necklace or wound twice around the wrist for a bracelet.

    It is available in sizes 14" or 35.5 Cm up to 24" or 61Cm in length in 1" or 2.5 Cm increments and is 3/16th" or 7mm in width.

    The necklace is handcrafted with bright aluminium handcut jumprings and woven one ring at a time.   It is light weight but strong (from upwards of 10 grammes), and is comfortable to wear. 

    Full cleaning and care instructions will be included with purchase.


    Please read the postage and packing page for our returns policy

Chainmaille Jewellery as Unique as you are Individual
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