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* Anodised Aluminium hand crafted chainmaille bracelet featuring Red or Blood Agate 6mm beads
* Comes gift bagged and has full care instructions included.


*Chainmaille bracelet, hand coiled and crafted one ring at a time with Anodised Aluminium rings 
* lobster claw clasp
* Light weight 13 grammes and comfortable to wear




*Ships in 1-3 business days.

Blood Agate Bracelet

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    The Blood Agate Chainmaille Bracelet features  6mm beads that are crystalline red.

    The bracelet is 7.5" or 19 Cm approx  in length including the lobster claw clasp and the beads are strung on stretch cord.

    The bracelet is approximately 16/32" or 10mm at its widest.

    The bracelet is handcrafted one ring at a time with hand coiled anodised aluminium rings making this a lightweight 13 grammes and is a tarnish free piece. 

    Cleaning and care instructions are included.

    Red Agate Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

    An agate, which exists in almost all colors and is usually striped, forms in cavities of magma rock. It takes many years until it is washed out there naturally and therefore belongs to the element of water, In the sign of the bull, the agate stands for strong will and supports emotional lows and depressions.

    To date, the gem has not lost its mystical meaning. But its shapes and colors enchant the viewer since antiquity and the place of discovery, e.g. Brazil makes him exotic as well as famous. Legend has it that the Healing Stone protects against snake bites, scorpion bites and insect bites, as well as being protected from lightning and even prevents the “evil eye”.

    Nowadays, the precious stone, which can hardly be split, is used against quite different, but many complaints.The effect of agate helps against stomach cramps, menstrual cramps and also protects the expectant mother and her child. The agate stone for fighters, he stands for a healthy pregnancy and easy birth. Other healing powers relieve eye pain, epilepsy, fever, hearing damage and alcoholism. In health care, it protects the blood vessels and the cell tissue. Even in the beauty sector, he does not let himself think away. Agate stands for a clean and better skin.

    Special healing provides the power stone for the reproductive organs and is therefore considered energy-giving for the root chakra. Those who want to be protected from evil influences should be carriers of blue or green agate. Particularly popular are the red and pink Agate stones, as they protect the home from thieves and burglars and generally stand for luck, wealth and prosperity.

    In the realm of the psyche, the healing powers cause just as enormous. So he helps with sleep disorders at night and even brings pleasant dreams. His power mitigates even the effects of moonlighting. Even the Czarina Catherine the Great recognized the potential of the gemstone, which strengthens self-esteem and restores awareness of one’s own body. The energetic soothing effect flows through the agate and relieves fears where they arise.

    Especially in the area of ​​social anxiety he increases the sensitivity in dealing with people and thus improves the knowledge of human nature. Because of this, true friends can be recognized earlier. Separation pain, either through the process of detachment from home or separation from a loved one, becomes a test of severity, and here too the agate protects and strengthens the wearer by willpower. A deep feeling of cautiousness and security arises.

    Symbolism and MeaningThe agate is characterized above all by its great variety – the range extends from the eye agate and band agate to the moss, fire or star agate. Agates are also known as protective stones that keep negative energies and vibrations out and give their wearer a soothing sense of security and balance. Therefore, the agate is also very like worn as an amulet.The agate comes in a variety of colors and patterns and belongs to the group of Chalcedon – a microcrystalline form of quartz. Agate belongs to the mineral class of oxides; its colorful banding is caused by the varying content of various substances dissolved in water: The individual layers are formed by different quartz variants and foreign deposits such as manganese, chromium or iron.

    The areas of the Agate are in Germany, Russia, South Africa, India, Australia and the USA. The agate appears in so many colors that there is something for every taste – the color spectrum ranges from white over gray and red to green and blue, also suitable for all spring, summer, autumn and winter types.

    The agate owes its name to the river Agate in Sicily. Due to the many imaginative forms and colors, agate has been one of the most sought-after jewelry and gemstones since ancient times. The ancient Greeks and the Romans devoted themselves intensively to the art of agate cutting. This was constantly developed and even reached as far as Germany in the small grinder town of Idar-Oberstein. And Hildegard von Bingen already recognized the importance of agate in the Middle Ages and described, among other things, its positive healing effect on snake bites and spider bites.

    The agate works best on the root chakra. On the astrological level, he is assigned the star sign Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus and Capricorn. The agate best develops its psychic effect when it is placed directly on the chest at the level of the heart. The effect on the body is especially good if you take agate water in small sips.

    The agate should be discharged at least once a month under running water and charged in the sun or overnight with a rock crystal.

    Agate chains should be unloaded at least once a month overnight with hematite tumbled stones.

    General Properties

    The red agate, also known as the Warrior’s Stone, has an orange to reddish hue. All color variations are equal to the streaky drawing of the stone. Because of this drawing, no agate red is like the other, so each of these miracles of nature is unique. If the red agate comes in contact with the skin, it cannot only relieve test anxiety, but also promote clarity and wisdom. In addition to its effect as a healing stone, it is still used today as a jewelry and polishing stone.

    If we were still in the middle Ages, everyone would have wanted to call such a red agate their own. At the time, the beautiful gem was truly a magic stone. The red agate was supposed to help mankind to walk invisibly through the world. Even if this superstition could not be confirmed – even today, the fascinating gemstone is one of the most popular healing stones in the world – and not without reason.Its origin is the red agate in Sicily. Although the gemstone was found in the Agate River, its name is Theophrastus of Eresos. The student Aristotle is said to have given the beautiful healing stone its name. Already mentioned in the Bible, it is one of the oldest gemstones worldwide. Regardless of whether:In the middle of the 19th century, the gem became more and more of a tempting source of income. Industrial companies all over the world began processing the agate red in a wide variety of forms and making a profit from it. In Germany, Idar Oberstein counts as the capital of the red agate.After all, it is thanks to the popular lucky stone that the county seat in Rhineland Palatinate has been considered the art city of the red agate since the 14th century. Treasure hunters have to say that today it takes a lot of luck to find gems in this region. Jewelry lovers come along the German gemstone road but still at their own expense.As with most gemstones, the agate red is also created when lava is cooled deep underground. The gas bubbles and cavities created by the cooling lava fill up with silicic acid – after hardening and crystallization, the agate red is formed.Love and RelationshipsThe Red Agate stone is going to affect your love life by bringing in more passion and affection. The trick is to always carry the stone close to you on dates or even gift a nice piece of jewelry to your partner.

    Health Benefits

    According to tradition, the red agate was used for menstrual and gastrointestinal complaints. But also with influenza and other febrile infections of the lucky stone was used. The information below is a copy and is not a substitute for medical advice or medical assistance.

    Already Hildegard von Bingen appreciated the healing power of the red agate. In her “book of stones” described the healing effect of the red agate among others in eye diseases. Today, the reddish gemstone is usually used to strengthen the inner balance. Negative energy is kept away from the carrier of the healing stone or converted into positive energy. The wearer of the red agate thus feels a positive energy and thus more self-confidence. Nightmares and anxiety have no chance with this special everyday helper. One reason why the agate red is particularly popular in exam situations.

    The red agate can relieve stomach and menstrual cramps. So that diseases do not even arise, it can even be used for health care. The strengthening of the blood vessels also falls to him his area of ​​responsibility. If you want to positively influence a certain organ you best place the warrior’s stone directly on the affected area of ​​the body. Agate promotes our self-love and helps us to accept ourselves as we really are.In combination with the rock crystal, it can also increase our memory and ensure that we can finally dissolve old patterns of anger or negativity and leave behind – in this way, emotional trauma can be better recognized and worked up, the agate radiates peace and quiet Security.If you place your agate in the position of your heart, it will even cure mental illnesses. The effect of the red agate does not occur immediately, but then with full power. After a short time he converts into a completely positive feeling full of confidence. This is the beautiful gemstone to a jack of all trades in terms of well-being and mental health. The red agate can relieve stomach and menstrual cramps.So that diseases do not even arise, it can even be used for health care. The strengthening of the blood vessels also falls to him his area of ​​responsibility. The best way to apply the Warrior’s Stone is directly to the affected area of ​​the body.

    Red Agate Stone and Wealth

    The Red Agate stone is going to help you make better decisions and make you more confident whenever you have to speak your mind or make a rational decision.

    Red Agate Stone and Zodiac

    Astrology and crystal healing are inseparable. Both combine the realization that everything is related to each other. Gemstones have a literally tangible effect on the different signs of the zodiac, including the red agate.The zodiac sign Capricorn profits most of all from the red crystal. Thus, the red agate gives the ibex confidence and a feeling of security. Through him it is easier to let go of the constant earth sign and to go new paths.

    Red Agate Stone and Chakras

    The agate red protects especially the root chakra. The root chakra is the main chakra of the human body. It is located on the coccyx, on the genitals and on the perineum. It stands above all for vitality, safety and grounding.

    How to Purify Red Agate Stone

    The red agate can be worn directly on the skin or in your pocket. He promotes his harmonizing vibrations in the body. These vibrations can help us to mitigate health and mental stress vision impairments.

    The agate is extremely resistant, but can crack due to rapid temperature changes. To bring it back to shine, a cleansing with a soft cloth is enough.


    As a healing stone, the agate strengthens the inner balance and stability – this is mainly due to its ability to hold negative energies or even transform bad vibrations into positive ones.

    On the physical level, agate acts digestive and may aid in stomach disorders, such as stomach cramps or gastritis, also known as gastritis. The red agate, also known as the Warrior’s Stone, has an orange to reddish hue.

    All color variations are equal to the streaky drawing of the stone. Because of this drawing, no agate red is like the other, so each of these miracles of nature is unique. If the red agate comes in contact with the skin, it cannot only relieve test anxiety, but also promote clarity and wisdom. In addition to its effect as a healing stone, it is still used today as a jewelry and polishing stone.In addition, the agate has a positive effect on the lymphatic system and is an excellent healing stone for skin problems. Whenever you have any of these problems, just keep the Red Agate stone close to you and especially when you are feeling down on your energy.


    Please read the postage and packing page for our returns policy.

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