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* Stainless Steel handcrafted HP2 slider chainmaille bracelet.

* Comes gift bagged and has full care instructions included



* Half Persian 2 Weave chainmaille bracelet made with 16 swg stainless steel hand coiled and cut rings on a 60mm silicone stretchy core.

* medium weight (37 grammes) and comfortable to wear. 

* Stainless steel is hypoallergenic, water-safe and rust/tarnish resistant.



*Nickel and lead free

*Ships in 1-3 business days

HP2 slider chainmaille stretchy bracelet

SKU: 0358

    This wonderfully tactile Half-Persian 2 Weave chainmaille stretchy slider bracelet is ideal for men and women alike. This weave is chunky 16 SWG and it is medium weight 37 grammes.

    This is available in 8" or 20 CM round it can stretch to 10" so there is plenty of play in the bracelet to fit over most hands the bracelet is  7mm or 8/32" wide and deep.

    The bracelet is made with 316L medical grade stainless steel hand coiled and cut rings, it is medium weight (37 grammes) and is very comfortable to wear. The Stainless steel warms to body temperature so makes this piece feel a part of you.

    Every piece that I sell is made from scratch, by me. I start with the finest raw Stainless Steel wire. I hand form the coils on mandrels and saw cut each coil into individual jump rings and then I assemble the chain weaving one ring at a time, using two pairs of pliers and a deep well of patience. After the chain is assembled it is then tumbled and polished for at least 2 days, ready to be sent to its new home.




    Please read the postage and packing page for our returns policy

Chainmaille Jewellery as Unique as you are Individual
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